Hard shell glasses cases wholesale and manufacturer

Rongyu Packing wholesales and manufactures a wide variety of high quality hard shell glasses cases. Besides hard shell glasses cases, we also produce EVA glasses cases and handmade glasses cases.

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Producer of hard shell glasses cases

Rongyu Packing has been producing hard shell glasses since more than 20 years. This makes us to a leading manufacturer in the international hard shell glasses cases industry. Our hard shell eyewear cases are used for reading glasses, sunglasses and other eyewear for men and women. 

What hard shell glasses case sizes does Rongyu Packing offer?

Rongyu Packing provides glasses cases in all most common sizes, including small glasses cases, medium sized spectacle cases and eyewear cases for oversized glasses like Aviator sunglasses. We also provide special shapes for kids hard shell glasses cases. If you can't find the right case size for your spectacle glasses, Rongyu Packing can customize the case size for you to make it fit.

What materials does Rongyu Packing offer for hard shell glasses cases?

Hard Shell glasses cases can be finished with a range of different outer and inner materials. These include textile, PU leather and plastic materials. Even inside the hard shell eyewear case different materials can be applied. Some of our cases come with a plastic coverage inside the glasses case, whereas some cases are made of lining material. 

Can hard shell glasses cases be customized with a branded logo?

All our hard shell glasses cases can be customized by printing a brand logo onto the spectacle case. The logo position can be either on the outside of the box or inside the box. Rogyu Packing also offers multiple printing techniques for the logo printing.

Can hard shell glasses cases be produced with patterns and colors?

Hard shell glasses cases can be covered and finished with almost any kind of pattern and color combination that you can imagine. We have successfully realized many projects with complex sets of case patterns and colors applied to our eyewear glasses cases. 

Wholesale hard shell glasses cases?

Rongyu Packing also offers solutions for wholesale hard shell glasses cases. Many of our pre-designed cases can be produced and shipped within as little as a few weeks. Our minimum order quantities (MOQ) depend on the actual hard shell glasses case that. For more information on our wholesale solutions, please reach out to our sales team to discuss a customized solution.