EVA glasses cases wholesale and manufacturer

Rongyu Packing wholesales and manufactures EVA glasses cases for spectacle glasses, sunglasses and other kinds of eyewear. Our customers can choose between a wide variety of pre-manufactured spectacle cases or discuss the customization of glasses cases together with our experts.  

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Producer of customized EVA glasses cases

No matter if you're looking for ready-to-produce, existing wholesale EVA glasses cases or you want to design your own customized EVA spectacle cases - Rongyu Packing offers you all options. Our experienced sales team will partner up with you to guide you through the customization process and explain to you all options you'll have to create your branded glasses case. The customization of EVA glasses cases can include:

Customized logo on EVA spectacle case

You can add customized logos to your spectacle case. The logo can be printed on the outside of the spectacle case or within the spectacle case. We offer different printing techniques to guarantee you the best result for your branded spectacle case.    

Customized materials on EVA eyewear case

EVA eyewear cases can be finished with multiple different outer and inner materials. Rongyu packing provides thick and thin outer materials in different colors for black EVA eyewear cases, customized pattern EVA eyewear cases and many more. We can also add carabiner or other items to the EVA cases based on request.

Wholesale of EVA spectacle cases

In addition to the customized cases we offer based on clients requests, Rongyu Packing also able to deliver existing EVA spectacle cases in a wholesale purchasing program. Many of Rongyu Packings EVA cases are available for immediate production and distribution to our clients. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for EVA glasses cases depend on the actual case being produced. You can reach out to our sales team to find out more about the wholesale program of Rongyu Packing.