Glasses case manufacturer and wholesale

Rongyu Packing manufactures high quality spectacle cases based on clients needs. 

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Hard shell glasses cases
Handmade glasses cases
EVA glasses cases

 As an experienced OEM, we're able to build custom glasses boxes based on our clients design preferences. With years of experience and one of the leading eyewear case manufacturers in China, we support our clients along the process of identifying the right spectacle case for them by sending samples. We can customize & change existing glasses cases in their shape, materials and colors used as well as the closing mechanic being used (e.g. zip fastener or magnetic fastener).  If you'd like to receive glasses case samples or find out about our MOQ (minimum order quantity), please get in touch with our sales team.


Glasses case manufacturer for global brands

We are producing glasses cases for some of the worlds leading spectacle case brands. These brands include eyewear manufacturers in fashion, retail and luxury products. Our international customers are based in Europe, North America and Asia and belong to the most recognized brands in the world. Some of our most prominent customers are working with Rongyu Packing since more than 10 years.


Types of glasses cases we manufacture

With over 50 shapes already available, our spectacle cases fit for any type of eyewear, including sun glasses and  reading glasses. Our glasses cases fit for all needs: We manufacture glasses cases for children eyewear and kids eyewear as much as for men’s eyewear and women’s glasses cases. Our spectacle cases are available in multiple sizes, fitting normal rectangle glasses as much as aviator glasses and other kinds of oversized glasses. Our products also are designed for different lifestyles and different tastes: We provide classical shapes, like

the oval hard shell cases, but also produce more trendy glasses cases for younger audiences, like the handmade glasses cases. Additionally, we offer eyewear cases for outdoor and sports, like the EVA glasses cases. 


Glasses cases wholesale at Rongyu Packing

Besides our leading position as a OEM for glasses cases, we also provide eyewear cases wholesale for our customers. Our customers can select from some of the many designs and shapes already available and order high amounts of glasses cases in a wholesale process. To find out more about how our wholesale offers work, please get in touch with our wholesale experts in the sales team.