Handmade glasses cases wholesale and manufacturer

Rongyu Packing is a leading producer, manufacturer and wholesale for handmade glasses cases. Our handmade glasses cases are suitable for all types of eyewear, covering sunglasses cases, reading glasses cases and kids glasses cases. Together with our customers, we can customize many of the existing handmade glasses cases we offer to produce the spectacle cases required by our clients.

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Manufacturer of customized handmade glasses cases

Rongyu Packing has many years of experience in producing and customizing handmade glasses cases. Our experienced sales team will guide you along the way of selecting the right materials, producing sample handmade glasses cases and adjusting them. The customization of our handmade glasses cases also includes:

Customized logo on handmade glasses case

All of our handmade glasses cases offer the option to imprint logos, either on the outside of the spectacle case or within the spectacle case. We offer multiple printing techniques that guarantee the right representation of your brand logo.

Customized materials for handmade glasses cases

Handmade glasses cases are very versatile in their design. Outside materials can include a wide variety of colors, color combinations and different patterns. Handmade glasses cases can also include different material mechanisms for opening/closing the flap, like zipper mechanisms or simple buttons.

Wholesale of Handmade glasses cases

Besides manufacturing customized handmade glasses cases, Rongu Packing can also deliver a wide variety of ready-to-produce or pre-produced handmade spectacle cases. To find out which of our glasses cases are ready for wholesale, please get in touch with our sales team and find out more.