Best in Black: 5 wholesale eyewear cases loved by our customers

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Although spectacle cases are available in hundreds of different colors, shapes and sizes, sometimes the best choice for production is using a black case. Today, spectacle cases in black are among the most popular and most sold glasses cases globally. 

⁣But what makes black glasses cases so popular?

While there is not a singular reason for why black cases are popular, in conversations with our clients we have learned some of the top reasons for choosing black cases: 

Black cases are timeless ⁣

"Black never goes out of style" - what was true 40 years ago still holds today. Although scientifically speaking black isn't a color, it has always been one of the major colors to play around with in fashion. Recently, black has seen even more of a revival, with e.g. the fashion magazine Man Repeller suggesting that All-Black is Experiencing a Comeback in 2019. And what is true for fashion often also applies to eyewear case design. Over the last 20 years, Rongyu Packing has seen a steady number of black glasses cases that are being ordered from customers all over the world.  

Black cases look great in professional environments ⁣

When it comes to looking professional & serious, black cases are definitely the right choice. It's a natural fit among other workplace accessories such as black smartphones and metallic laptops. Additionally, black expresses power and sovereignty that in some positions at work are helpful. Last, black cases are a perfect fit for most styles & colors of the glasses that need to be protected. For example, black EVA cases like the RY-1096 are elegant and highly stable at the same time.   

Black cases are loved by men and women 

You might believe that black is mainly a color for men. However, recent studies showed that black has seen a major boom among womenswear over the last years. Producing black eyewear cases therefore is by no means only the right choice for men's glasses. With elegant black cases like the RY-4044, women will love black cases just as much as men do.  


⁣What are the top 5 black spectacle cases?

Black Spectacle Cases collection | RONGYU PACKING

So, what are the top picks for black eyewear cases recommended by Rongyu Packing? We have made our choice based on the same principles when talking to our customers: We've selected 5 cases across different categories, covering EVA cases, hard shell cases and handmade cases. Additionally, we assured to cover glasses cases in different sizes and for different types of frames, like sunglasses, reading glasses or big, oval glasses.  

#5: The black triangular case 

 The RY-4044 is a black triangular case that works best with smaller glasses like reading glasses or flat sunglasses. It's design can be seen as retro-inspired, with a simple but beautiful fastener button on the front. Due to it's triangular shape, the RY-4044 unfolds within the middle of the case, from top to bottom. The case is made of EVA foam, making it an ultra lightweight case that is still highly stable and dust-resistant. Just like all our cases, the RY-4044 is also available in other colors and with a variety of outer materials. If you'd like to order a sample or find out more about this case, get in touch with our English-speaking sales team. 


Black EVA spectacle case | RONGYU PACKING


#4: The black classic oval case 

RY-1102 is one of the most classic eyewear cases available at Rongyu Packing. It is a classic oval case that works best with reading glasses. While having a flat bottom, the top is curved and opening towards the back of the case and when closed is being held in place with a magnet. Due to it's solid outer materials, it is a perfect choice for printing a logo on top of the case. Especially logo colors such as gold, silver and white look elegantly on this case. To find out about our minimum order quantity for this case or to get other information and samples, please get in touch with us.


#3: The black hard shell case  

The beautiful RY-2056 belongs to our biggest hard shell spectacle cases. With it's height of 50mm, it's the perfect choice for spectacle manufacturers looking for a case for curved sunglasses like pilot sunglasses or big oval sunglasses. The RY-2056 can have various materials inside and outside the glasses case, but looks especially good with a solid plastic-filling within the case. Just like for all other cases, RY-2056 is also available in other colors and with other materials.  


#2: The black traveller EVA case 

The RY-4021 is outdoor adventurers friend: Made of a thick protective layer of EVA foam and finished with a zipper mechanism, this black spectacle case can be described as the traveller glasses case. Other benefits include its resistance against dirt (and with some materials even against splash water) and optional availability of carabiner. Because of it's black color, it's also the right choice when the case is expected to get dirty very often. Speak to our sales team to find out more about this case. 


#1: The black slim reading glasses case

The RY-1013 is a slim, handmade glasses case designed for flat glasses like reading glasses or non-curved sunglasses. Its outer material is made of flexible PU leather with either a magnet or a button for closing the flap. The RY-1013 looks especially good in office environments due to it's simple but powerful shape. For any additional information about the RY-1013 like the minimum order quantity for wholesalers, please contact us.



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