Why manufacturing spectacle cases in China?

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So, you need to manufacture glasses cases and are looking for a reliable partner. The question is: Where to produce the cases with reliable quality, reasonable price and a team, that understands your needs. We've gathered some of our insights and listed out some of many reasons that speak for producing eyewear cases in China.

Reason 1: Experience

China has long been considered the manufacturing powerhouse of the world. What begun in the 1980s has since then developed into a long lasting success story. Most of the worlds spectacle cases today are produced in China for a reason: With years of experience, China has managed to learn, improve and perfecting the production of glasses cases. 

Skyscrapers in Shenzhen nearby Dongguan

Rongyu Packing, for example, has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing cases for customers worldwide and today works with some of the most acknowledged brands in the world. Learn more about Rongyu Packing here.


Reason 2: Great logistics network

Chinas logistics infrastructure today is seen as one of the best in the world, making the shipment of eyewear cases fast, reliable and easy. 7 of the 10 worlds biggest harbors are in China. The newly opened China-Europe railway cuts logistic times in half. And for even faster shipment, China can rely on one of over 200 airports across the country. 

With most of the glasses manufacturers producing near costal areas, the transportation towards major harbors is only a matter of few hours. Rongyu Packing, producing in Dongguan City, can leverage on its close proximity to harbours such as Hong Kong and Shenzhen. 


Reason 3: Communication is no issue (anymore)

While communication with sales personnel in China might have been an issue decades ago, todays Chinese sales teams are proficient in English. According to the Chinese recruiting website 51job.com, more than 42% of employees in privately held companies in China say they use English regularly at their workplace.

English Speaking Sales team at Rongyu Packing

And with Chinese spectacle case manufacturers regularly participating in optical fairs overseas (like Rongyu Packing did in Dubai, Hong Kong and Milan), they have  proven to be truly capable of handling communication in English.


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